Studio 3 new rooftop colors

  1. 01. Studio 3 new rooftop colors


    We’ve updated studio 3 rooftop colors. the bright pop colors now available,
    booked your session by visiting our booking page.


  2. 02. Aputure LED Video Light

    NEW! accurate Led video light from Aputure for rental
    Get your color right for your video production.
    LS1 – 250k/day, 627 kit (3 unit) 300k/day, or 672 per 1 unit 125k/day
    accurate color rendition, flicker-free, CRI 95+, Silent, free from heat! and powerfull.

  3. 03. Studio 3 new looks

    Studio jakarta 3 now with wooden flooring and if you’re working on the weekend, special promo 20% off for booking on weekend valid  until 30th april 2016.


  4. 04. Full Session by michael

    michael web.1

    fashion shoot done by @michaelcools shooting @raisa6690 at studio 9. thank you for using our studio, see you on the next projects.


  5. 05. full Session with Okky Prasetyo

    Our last session with Mr.Okky Prasetyo (@okkyprasetyo) he use 3+ Studio for making photo profile for Lantun orchestra (@lantunorchestra), See you on next project


  6. 06. Full Session by Monostereo


    Our last session with MONOSTEREO they used our StudioSembilan to produce their profile picture, Photograph by, MUA by @Mayangcalosa, Goodluck MONOSTEREO.mono.2



  7. 07. Full session by

    Portrait specialised for wine selling fine wine,booked us to produce their photo product and use our tabletops for various photo product, if you lookingfor affordable wine, visit their site at


  8. 08. Full session by  take our full session for their project making new entry collection, photography by


  9. 09. Full Session by RUKAMA

    Our last session on 3+Studio with RUKAMA Team, @mr_procks, @dodisetyonugroho, @rukamastudio
    Their using our studio for produce photoproduct, i hope we can meet again on next project.



  10. 10. Full Session by Vanilla Hijab


    Full session by Vanilla Hijab add  3+ Studio photograph by @jaenikurniadi, model @hamidahrachmayanti & @shabrina_auliathey use our studio for making fashion shoot for their new collection,goodluck for VanillaHijab.web.2



  11. 11. full session by Lottemart

    Lottemart using our 9 studio for making greeting video, videographer by Widodolistytiadi models with Rikanoveria & aniitawijaya make up artist by sutomosatriamanggala.

  12. 12. Full session by yosep sudarsono

    yosehp 2

    Yosep Sudarsono using our studio for making fashion shoot for their new collection,we wish good luck for Yosep Sudarsono campaign, and hopefully we can meet again for future projects!yosehp 1

  13. 13. Full Session by Lucido

    Lucido an upcoming brand and take full day session to produce their launch campaing. Lucido hair vitamin produced with selective materials and really good for your hair. we set up lighting to matched their desired feels with the help of image reference. we wish good luck for Lucido campaign, and hopefully we can meet again for next project.Ausi.2 Ausi

  14. 14. Half session by Danone


    Graphic team from Danone, doing their internal photoshoot, using greenscreen at studio sembilan antasari. 6m x 6m green screen does help with arranging action positioning as well helping with keying in post production.danone.1


  15. 15. Green screen production

    We provide green screen on both studio, with smaller screen at studio 3+ (2x3m), and larger screen at studio sembilan (6x6m).
    Studio sembilan
    most production using our studio sembilan for its size, large 6x6m screen help the framing and lighting a lot easier. we use high quality matte green screen to disperse lights evenly. also with 11.000 watt power source with electric stabilisator, you can have multiple lighting going at once without worrying power drops.
    grn wide 1_2 wide end setting
    grn wide 1_4 long end setting

    Studio 3+
    as for the small size, we are using the same high quality matte green screen. its small size sufficiently help production that needs simple close up shots at green screen.

  16. 16. Product shot with table top

    On both of our studio we provide table top with white acrylic, with consistently keeping our table top clean, many of our customer specifically use our studio for the large table tops. its easy to achieve clean – “straight from camera” ready to use images for product photography. make your production time faster with our helpful assistant prepare the lighting as you desired.

    we produce this picture without any editing using our table tops
    table top cs_1 table top cs
    and this is our table top with lighting setting
    table top wd true

  17. 17. Tethered system workflow

    equip tethered
    Tethered system is a way to connect your camera to large display, for a fast preview of what you shoot. not just on camera LCD, but on 2 display; 1 large 21″ display and 15″ macbook pro to manage your shoot. we provide this system. shooting tethered make your shoot easier and faster and helped your workflow because :
    1. image composing, checking sharpness, details is easier and faster.
    2. selecting image on location. by client or yourself faster.
    3. reducing client / subject to be around you for looking their shots.

    this system is perfect for :
    > shooting plenty of item/ clothes/ people (cataloging item/composition)
    > shooting fashion ( selecting pose/sharpness)
    > shooting product photography (details and composition)
    > shooting many people at once (easing your workflow / shooting time)

    equip tethered 2

  18. 18. Full Session by Hikmat

    long 1
    Hikmat which specialised for making fine abaya, booked us to produce their 2014 catalog. with Daiana as model and make up by Andre K. image produce by creamfotokraft. the team use tethered system for easy preview and fine detail adjustment to help the workflow better. especially when detail is crucial to the designer.
    long 2


    Voice of Indonesia (VOI) an established vocal group recently refreshed their talent profile picture in our studio. With tethered system, the workflow of shooting more than 40 people in one day become a breeze. instant previews on 2 display give the group coordinator a clear picture of their talents, also help them to bring up their unique characters. congratulation and we wish all the best for VOI : )

  20. 20. Full Session by Natasha Clara

    natasha clara2 5 nov
    Natasha Clara use our full session for her latest bridal make up campaign. connect with her here. with Arkhy as a stylist and Photography by Randy. as for workflow we set up tethered preview. with dual display 15″ and 21″ everyone ensure the little detail for beauty shoot get taken care of. good luck with natasha and the whole crew, we’re looking forward future project in our studio. Olessya from perfect 10 and flora from f Model international


    STRYD is a new established clothing line focusing on street style with Edgy, minimalist and conceptual approached. the designer behind STRYD is Fransisca Irene, recently join 21 semifinalist for BAZAAR Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award. follow their instagram @strydstyle and twitter @strydstyle . with Make up artist Shanize, and picture by Yehezkiel.

    strydstyle 2

  22. 22. Full Session by Kolibrii

    kolibrii 1
    E-commerce consulting firm Kolibrii recently use our full session for their project, as well as tabletops for various product photography. the humble team of 4 done various kind of product photography and use almost all of our equipment. we’re very proud to be able to accommodate such needs, and will continue to improve further to support our customers. if you need e-commerce solution please visit their fantastic site at
    kolibrii 2

  23. 23. FULL SESSION by SEEN

    SEEN is an Indonesian local brand founded in middle 2013 by Dhianita Ariputri. for their upcoming new clothing line, Dhea use full session with Diana from F Models International, Rezy Andriati as make up artist, also Winahya Adiputra as photographers. the session last 5 hours, we wish the best for Dhianita with SEEN, and hoping to meet the whole crew again at the next projects.
    SEEN 4

  24. 24. Full Session by POÙLA

    POÙLA an upcoming brand and take full day session to produce their launch campaign. for their clothing line, POÙLA designed and produced their own line with selective materials and individual quality control. we set up lighting to matched their desired feels with the help of image reference. we wish good luck for POÙLA campaign, and hopefully we can meet again for future projects!
    Poula 2

  25. 25. Full session by Odd and Dot

    Odd and Dot1
    established online shop Odd and Dot get 2 days of full session for their new entry collections. their exquisite vintage dress already become a trend signature on its own , the duo Shella and Isabella ensure their collection get the correct treatment for the picture. we set up the lighting to follow their brand images. get their latest collection here

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