Tethered system workflow

  1. 01. Tethered system workflow

    equip tethered
    Tethered system is a way to connect your camera to large display, for a fast preview of what you shoot. not just on camera LCD, but on 2 display; 1 large 21″ display and 15″ macbook pro to manage your shoot. we provide this system. shooting tethered make your shoot easier and faster and helped your workflow because :
    1. image composing, checking sharpness, details is easier and faster.
    2. selecting image on location. by client or yourself faster.
    3. reducing client / subject to be around you for looking their shots.

    this system is perfect for :
    > shooting plenty of item/ clothes/ people (cataloging item/composition)
    > shooting fashion ( selecting pose/sharpness)
    > shooting product photography (details and composition)
    > shooting many people at once (easing your workflow / shooting time)

    equip tethered 2

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